Durham, NC: Husband Charged in Stabbing Death of Wife Maxine Burns


(11/8/13)  Maxine Burns, 50, was fatally stabbed in her Durham, North Carolina home November 8, 2013.  Her husband, Timothy Burns, 51, was arrested after four days in a local hospital recovering from a suicide attempt.  He has been charged with murder.

A tight-knit Durham neighborhood struggled to find answers Monday to the weekend stabbing death of a resident.

…”She was a kind, loving person when we were kids and would play at her house with her daughter and son. She would make us sandwiches,” next-door neighbor Melanie Pratt said Monday. “She was just a sweet lady, and she would ask us if we needed anything.”

…In a 911 call released Monday, a woman said she saw blood on the couple’s front door but couldn’t get inside because the door was bolted shut.

“I don’t know what’s going on. It’s not normal,” the woman told a 911 dispatcher. “They normally come to the door. I’m able to get in, and I’m not (now). I’ve been banging on the door and everything.”

News reports identify the woman in the 911 call as the couple’s daughter.

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The suspect, Timothy Burns, is a retired Durham police officer.

Burns served on the Durham police force for several years. He left the department in the 1990s.

Fellow officers say Burns focused on drug and gang prevention while helping youth in troubled neighborhoods, but a severe injury from a car wreck forced him to give up police work for good. Friends say Burns still grappled with his injuries years later.

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